Flashover indicator™ R-type

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Reusable indicator

Operating principle

When overhead ground wires or electric power transmission towers are struck by lightning, the lightning current flows through the transmission tower and causes a magnetic flux around the tower legs. The magnetic flux induced current is utilized as the power source. The solenoid in the indicator opens the case lid and the red flag and the spring that emerge out of the case clearly indicate the struck point.

Selection of type(Example)


Type Transmission
between Horns
Angle size
Size and qty
of magnetic material
Operation current
(Peak value)
4L L65 L Size*4 900
1L L65  L Size*1 1,100
3M 11~33 251 L65 M Size*3 1,300
1M 66~77 650 L100  M Size*1  2,600
 110~187 1,300  L150 3,900 
S 220 1,822 L175 S Size*1   6,700 
275 2,133 L200  7,600 
O 500 4,405 L250 None  14,000


Before operation
After operation

How to attach

Follow the instruction below.

1)Attach the indicator using the step bolt on an angle.

2)Attache the indicator using the stainless steel belts on an angle, sttel pipe, wooden pole, panzer mast, and concrete pillar.

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Period of validity

 10 Years




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