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Underwater winch (SEA-SAW)

 The board type winches are seen everywhere in the world and very common at maritime work. 
But what about the underwater winch? Even for an experienced engineer, making a underwater winch working in the sea is really a challenging job, because there are many items to get over to make the winch work perfectly and precisely for a long time in the harse environment in the deep sea. 

Deployment of underwater winch

Motion image of underwater winch and floating buoy

Mechanism and application


Explaining the mechanism of underwater winch with diagrams


Introducing the application of underwater winch by the vertical profile of water column

Data system

You will understand what data gained by underwater winch system

What is the advantage of underwater winch?

For example, water proof, water resist, water pressure, corrision resistance are all the necessary specifications for the underwater winch for professional use. Additionally, the winch has to be eqipped with components like insulation, power supply, detection sensors, automatic control system, hydraulic or electric drive.The appearance of board type winch and underwater winch (SEASAW) looks the same, but SEASAW is full with indigenous technologies and our experience.

                      Underwater winch
                          Onboard winch

What is the advantage of underwater winch?

Our products have built-in Speed monitor and Heave Compensator.  And it  mitigates the effects of waves

                      Underwater winch

                          Onboard winch

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