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Frequency spectrum and applications

In RFID system different frequency spectrums are allocated for the different applications as the following articles.

Frequency and communication range

In RFID, the most appropriate frequency spectrums are allocated for different applications and communication ranges. The most used frequency bands for RFID system are the following four frequencies. 

  • Low frequency(LF):< 135kHz
  • High frequency(HF):13.56MHz
  • UHF:860~960MHz
  • Microwave:2.45GHz

Low Frequency(LF):< 135kHz

Electromagnetic induction method

Very short communication range

Low effects from water intervention

Because of the above features, this type is mainly used for payment system at the restarurant or lift chiket at a ski resort. In the restaurants, RF tags are embedded inside of plastic plates and a reader installed near the casher reads data from the tags when cheked out.

High Frequency(HF):13.56MHz

-Electromagnetic induction method

-Short communication range (10cm to 1m)

-Widely used for payment, ticketing, transportation fare adjustment, and ID cards

-Used for NFC (Near Field Communication) 

This frequency band is expected to play main role in smart packaging, IoT, and supply chain management using mobile phone networking system.



-Electromagnetic type

-Lower interference from surrounding objects

-High communication speed 

-Long communication range

-Relatively bigger size

-The frequency band for UHF differs depending on the country. 

-Most prevalent and popular type in logistics, inventory management, traceability control, and supply chain becaues of the longer read range and communication speed.

(→On metal small UHF tag TAGATTM

(→Heat resistant and shock resistant UHF tag TAGATTM C series)


-Long communication range but shorter than UHF

-Low effect from metal surface

-Interference with microwave oven or microwave device

-Used for logistics, inventory control, traceability control, etc.


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