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TAGATTM is an on-metal applicable UHF passive tag, with which we can offer you the various benefits listed below, mainly for tool tracking, asset management and mold tracing.

  • Tool control in aircraft manufacturing, railroad car manufacturing or a nuclear power plant construction (or maintenance)
  • Asset tracking of data server in a data center
  • Mold tracking in an automotive manufacturing
  • Rental item tracking such as imaging peripheral, audio equipment & cables, light, measureing instrument, video cable and PC cable
Product name Super small on-metal
Super small on-metal
Small on-metal
75X 81X 200X
Frequency(MHz) X:E 865 - 868 (EU)、 X:U 902 - 928 (US)、 X:J 916 - 924 (JP)

Read distance

On ー Metal (m)

In ー Metal (m)

1 ー 1.5 1 ー 1.5 2 ー 2.5
0.8 ー 1.2 0.8 ー 1.2 1.6 ー 2
Memory size(bit) EPC : 128     User : 512
Dimensions(mm) 15(W)x5(H)x3.5(T)75Xサイズ 9(W)x9(H)x3.5(T)81Xのサイズ 20(W)x10(H)x3.5(T)200Xのサイズ
Weight(g) 0.3 0.3 0.8
IP Protection rating IP67
Operating temperature(℃)

-40℃ 〜 +85℃ (-40℉~185℉)

Applications Tool tracking・Server and IT tools asset management・ Mold tracking

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