Combination label-O(販売終了)

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Product design
Color sample

Small combination type suitable for small and narrow area 

Temperature range:70~100℃
Non-RoHS compliant

Reversible Irreversible Semi-reversible
●  ●   

This combination label consists of an irreversible temperature-indicating element (temperature label)
at the center of a reversible Thermo SheetTM base.
Trace temperature history with the irreversible label and current temperature with the reversible sheet.



Type Temperature indicating element(irreversible) Base(reversible) JAN Code
Color Change Temp
O-70 70 White→Red-orange 70 Red←→Dark brown-purple 4582130421796
O-80 80 White→Blue 70 4582130421802
O-90 90 White→Red 70 4582130421819
O-100 100 White→Dark red 70 4582130421826

Structure cross section

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