Medeshil Label™

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Package design

How color changes

Turns to blue reacting to condensate

RoHS Compliant

MEDESHIL LABEL™ is sticker type thermometer which reversibly change its color from white to blue when air temperature drops below color change temperature. It is especially designed for low temperature monitoring such as Fridge, Fresh Food returnable container and Cold chain logistic monitoring.

Reversible Irreversible Semi-reversible


  • 1 level low thermometer sticker
  • Reversible
  • Widely used for fridge temperature monitoring
  • 1 level simple indication
  • Self adhesive for easy apply and easy monitoring
  • Multiple-use
  • Temperature variation: 0°c,5°c and 10°c
  • Clear result


Product line up

Product name Color change
Accuracy Color change Size(mm)
MD-0 0 ±2°c White ⇔ Blue 22×26
MD-5 5
MD-10 10

Application Sample


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