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“From the ocean floor to outer space”. As our company slogan shows, NiGK Corporation deals with wide range of products related to various business fields from the oceans to space exploration. Our philosophy is to deliver great new values to customers for the prosperity of society. In this section, you can see our business overview. Please click the icon to explore our business.

Chemical products

Temp./UV indicator

Labels and paints which change colors at designated temperatures. No knowledge or power sources are necessary. You just place the label on the objects to indicate temperature/UV history.

Sterilization indicator

Accurate and reliable indicators for sterilization processes are necessary for safety assurance of medical practices. Our indicators and bags make the assurance of sterilization possible.


A simple but assured method using thermochemical reactions enabling welding processes to finish in just three minutes. No license or complicated devices necessary.

Machinery and Devices


What is RFID? You will learn the basics of RFID technology and its solutions. We will introduce our unique on-metal RFID tag and thermo resistant RFID tag.


Our devices are widely used for ocean research, resource investigation, resource exploration, and environmental research.

Flashover indicators

Reliable and effective indicators to locate ground fault points caused by lightning on cables or towers, and wild animals.

Pyrotechnics and Others


Our pyrotechnic products play important roles in various situations such as ignition for rocket motors, satellite separation, placing satellites into orbit and capturing satellites.
(Photo JAXA)

Construction material

Urethane resins for hardening in tunnel construction. In civil engineering and construction division, inorganic fixing agents for anchors.


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