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Reliable solution to identify ground faults

 NiGK's flashover indicators contribute to find the faulted towers in the quickest, safest and most accurate way. The indicators can identify the lightning on transmission cables and towers and detect the faults caused by animals and birds as well as by lightning.
 In case faults happen, you can find the fault locations by checking the indicator from distance insteade of actually climbing up the towers. Additionaly, only the towers working badly show the faults so that you can find only the faulted towers quickly.

Product lineup

FR-type Indicator

Flag appears with spring coil and can be stowed repeatedly. No indicator replacement is necessary.


Flashover indicatorTM

The solenoid in the indicator opens the case lid and the red flag and the spring that emerge out of the case clearly indicate the struck point. This is reusable type. 



This indicator detects ground faults caused not only by lightning but also by animals, etc. and then indicates the fault tower.


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