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A letter of gratitude from JAXA
Hayabusa2 completed the mission to collect samples from the asteroid Ryugu.
We are proud that our sampling devices have contributed to the success of Hayabusa2 project.

はやぶさ2 Hayabusa2

Release of New Product "LED-2 UV LABEL™ compatible with LED"
We are pleased to announce the new product""LED-2 UV LABEL™" compatible with LED" has been released.

UV-LED lamp has growing demand thanks to its low energy resource, compact size and environmental friendliness. LED-2 UV LABEL is best tuned for UV irradiation confirmation of UV-LED light sources of long wavelength. Compared with LED-1, LED-2 is less reactive to long wavelength of LED, which enables the monitoring of UV in detailed progression of coloration. We hope that combination of LED-2 with LED-1 will cover a wider range of applications.
Cautions for e-mail Spoofing
Dear customers, We got a report that a suspicious email claiming NiGK Corporation with malicious program is circulating. The mail was spoofed to look like it was from the official e-mail address and NOT SAFE. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN the mail if the title is "Outstanding payment" and the attached file is html format. The followings are the texts of the original mail. >Outstanding Payment >Hello, >Attached is a copy of your Statement of Account. This statement lists all outstanding amounts open on your account as of today. >Please use this information to reconcile with your records and notify us immediately of any discrepancies that may be holding up your payment processing. >Download to view if you are having trouble viewing. >We appreciate your partnership and we will continue to make it our priority to thrill you. This email is attached with a file containing malicious code and may cause your computer to crash. In the body of the message, there is a prompt to open (click) the attached file. Avoid opening the attached file and DELETE the entire e-mail. We make our best efforts to eliminate the risk of this problem asap.
"Hayabusa2" returned with capsule after long mission, departs to next journey
The re-entry capsule separated from "Hayabusa2", which had traveled 5.2 billion km for 6 years to and from the asteroid "Ryugu", was recovered in perfect condition on the morning of December 6th down in South Australia.

NiGK offers the priming material for the mission on the asteroid to collect samples with the hope to help to unveil the origins of the solar system and all life forms and human beings.
While Hayabusa2 already made its way to the next mission for "Asteroid 1998 KY26" to explore the last frontier in space, the re-entry capsule collected is to be investigated by researchers to uncover the area where no one has ever gone before. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to JAXA for the great achievements of the Hayabusa2 project!

* JAXA partner companies for "Hayabusa (MUSES-C)"

New fixing sheets launched to overseas market!
The fixing sheets used in CSSD department can prevent the breaking of pouches caused by sharp tip of medical instruments and can protect important devices in pouches.
See product page and NiGK Media for details.
Okeanus supplied ground-breaking LARS for NiGK OCEAN’s new seafloor drill
See the color change videos of Temperature label and UV LABEL
Enjoy the color change videos of Temperature label and UV LABEL !
(COVID-19) Potential germicidal monitoring by UV LABEL
New sediment trap SMD26S-6000T capable of sampling larger volume is published in the updated catalog
NiGK OCEAN has received an order for new seafloor drill with our fantastic partners
A news was released on the website of ON&T and our fantastic partner OKEANUS that NiGK has received an Order for the new seafloor drill for Japanese underwater resources development.
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