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monitoring your process by label NiGK temperature label and uv label
Ever since 1965, NiGK Corporation has responded to diverse market needs by developing products that use color change to convey temperature, UV and dew levels at a single glance. Our products can be largely divided into categories according to purpose: temperature indicating materials; temperature indicating materials for food sterilization processes; temperature indicating materials for cold chains; UV detection products; and dew detection products. You can search the products by “Product category”, “Purpose of use” and “Temperature range”.

Temperature label T series NiGK standard type
TLT standard series

NiGK's standard self-adhesive indicator labels for multiple purposes. Durable, handy and accurate indicators are best suited for process monitoring and working safety assurance. There are three types (T8, T5 and T3) depending on the measuring points. 

Temperature label
Durable & Classic type

NiGK's high-grade lineups for highly challenging and tough conditions like the outdoor use where indicators are exposed to severe conditions. Preferred by demanding professionals in the power utility industry and train industry. Special types of indicators such as super-small indicators, vacuum indicators, dew labels and high-heat resistant indicators are also available.  

NiGK uv label

Self-adhesive UV monitoring indicator for various process control in manufacturing like plastic curing, ink curing, bonding and coating. Indicators change from white to designated colors to show qualitative amount of UV dosage strength. 


Self-adhesive condensation monitoring indicator. Indicators change from gray to blue to show condensation in the past. 

NiGK label featured in the South China Morning Post 

The South China Morning Post headquarted in Hong Kong featured our temperature indicators in the article of  Japan business report on Friday, October 12, 2018. 

Application examples for indicators

NiGK's temperature indicators are the most flexible and simplest solutions for process control, safety assurance and research & development objectives and purposes. Because no power or special skills required, everybody can check and monitor the temperature of the objects regardless of size, space, material and geometric design. Though there are countless possibilities of application, we here item some of the application examples from our past experience. (Application example handbook is under preparation and will be at your hand within 2019). 

Read Usage Examples on the catalog

Indicator applications

  • Power transforming equipment
  • Power distribution equipment
  • Rotating electrical equipment
  • Electronic components
  • Plastic molding/curing line
  • Power transmission equipment
  • Household items
  • UV irradiation process control
  • Condensation monitoring
  • Logistics
  • Food sterilization
  • Cold chain


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