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Exploring the seas all over the world

Ocean Group of NiGK Corp., "NiGK OCEAN" has developed and supplied mechanical units, oceanographic research equipment, monitoring equipment and surveillance equipment to be used underwater according to customer's request.

As our inventive design, there are multiple water sampler and single/multiple coring unit installed in ROV. We participated in some cable network projects (DONETNEPTUNE-Canada), and developed observation platforms incorporated in the mooring array connecting sub-surface layer and land by mobile phone.

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Oceanography observation system
1. Remote monitoring equipment
2. Water / Rock / Core sampler
3. Sediment trap
4. Acoustic release
5. Underwater winch
6. Profiling buoy

Product series (See catalog for details)

Acoustic release

Used for the installation and the recovery of various oceanographic observation instruments, or heavy duty operation. NiGK is the first manufacturer of deep sea mooring release.

Sediment trap

The one of the essential instruments for mass flux research of the earth, and used for capturing particles like marine snow. Several models are prepared for various purposes and places.

Underwater winch

Very unique platform developed for observation of photic zone with continuous dynamic environmental changes. Obtain time series water column data by combining with certain sensors like CTD. (Custom-made)

Projects (preparation in progress)


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