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NiGK Sterilization indicators and consumables

NiGK has been the leading manufacture of temperature indicator for over decades. The technology, experience and expertise we have build for the long time while meeting customer needs and wants have contributed to our quality improvement over time. We have manufactured and delivered the products of wide variety to a lot of healthcare facilitis in Japan and all over the world, supported by our long-term experience as a chemical manufacturer. Also an indicator testing laboratory with a specially made test machine or “CIER” in the laboratory. Our chemical indicators are all tested under the CIER to perfectly comply with the requirements and specifications in the international standard ISO.

Chemical indicators

Chemical indicator cards (Type 4)


Chemical indicator cards (Type 6)


Low temperature indicators and accesories

Instrument fixing sheet


Sterilization tape



Sterilization testing laboratory

All the indicators manufactured by NiGK are highly accurate products which have gone through elaborate R&D process and passed thorough quality tests in the laboratory.

What's new

New sediment trap SMD26S-6000T capable of sampling larger volume is published in the updated catalog.
We will be closed from December 28th to January 5th due to The New Year holidays.
Our sales offices and headquarters will be closed from December 28th to January 5th due to The New Year holidays. The messages sent to our contacts will be processed after the holidays. We hope you will have a great year!
NiGK OCEAN has received an order for new seafloor drill with our fantastic partners.
A news was released on the website of ON&T and our fantastic partner OKEANUS that NiGK has received an Order for the new seafloor drill for Japanese underwater resources development.
New UV Label "LED-1" for UVA wavelength launched.
UV LabelTM is single-use indicators irreversibly changes its color from white to various color by ultraviolet light irradiation. The products of 5 types (S, H, M, L, LED-1) are available depends on the sensitivity or the wavelength required. LED-1 label changes from white to vivid blue. There is high sensitivity against around UVA range like 365, 385, 395 and 405 nm.

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