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UV label
Self-adhesive indicator to check the UV irradiation level
 NiGK conducted a sensitivity test to evaluate the sensitivity of the UV label to a UV-C light. In this experiment, UV-C light has an output of 1 watt and a wavelength of 253.7nm and duration of the irradiation was 10 minutes per single cycle.  After exposure to the light, the UV-S(most sensitive type among all types) responded sharply to single cycle. The UV-H could be visually identified by 5th cycle. UV labels are not an indicator of disinfection, but they do give a good indication that the light is well working.
Note:  Do not look directly at a UV light source. It may cause cataracts.

UVLABEL® is single-use indicators irreversibly changes its color from white to various color by ultraviolet light irradiation. 4 types of products are available depends on the sensitivity required.


-Use determining the hardness of UV-curable resins (inks, paints, adhesives, etc.)
-Maintenance (determining the time for replacement) of UV lamps (metal-halide, mercury-vapor, germicidal lamps)
-Checking sunlight UV levels
-Checking gamma-ray or electron beam irradiation (S, H)

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