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NiGK's temperature indicators have been long used for a lot of applications in the power and electronic industry. Here we introduce some of the examples of application of thermolabel.

1. Power Transforming Equipment

Monitoring abnormal temperatures in electric power equipment and terminal connections

  1. -Line switch (LS) fixed contact exterior
  2. -Disconnect switch (DS) fixed contact exterior or movable contact
  3. -Oil circuit breaker (OCB) terminal fastener
  4. -Transformer (Tr) terminal fastener and main body
  5. -Silicon capacitor (SC) terminal fastener
  6. -Monitoring abnormal temperature in current transformer (CT) terminal fasteners and super high-voltage transformers

2. Power Distribution Equipment

  1. -Monitoring abnormal temperatures in busbars, circuit breakers and MBB connections inside power-receiving cubicles
  2. -Pole-mounted transformer load management
  3. -Monitoring abnormal temperatures in power capacitors, arc suppression resistors and terminals and blade parts of circuit breakers

3. Control Equipment

Temperature monitoring of electromagnetic switches, electromagnetic contactors, electromagnetic relays, knife switches, high-voltage circuit breakers, high-voltage load break switches, power capacitors (parallel, high-voltage, series), surge arresters, inductive reactors, and magnetic amplifers

4. Rotating Electrical Equipment

Temperature monitoring of motors and rotating machine parts

  1. -Stator windings/insulated rotor windings
  2. -Armature windings with commutators
  3. -Resistive field winding and compensating winding
  4. -Exposed single-phase field winding
  5. -Commutators and slip rings
  6. -Bearings

5. Electronic Components

  1. -Circuit components:
  2. Temperature monitoring of capacitors, resistors, coils and integrated circuits
  3. -Vibrating components:
    Temperature monitoring of crystal oscillators, mechanical filters and reed selectors
  4. -Mechanical components:
  5. Temperature monitoring of electromagnetic relays, connectors, plugs, jacks and switches
  6. -Semiconductor devices:
  7. Temperature monitoring of transistors, diodes, thyristors and integrated circuits

6. Power Transmission Equipment

  1. -Monitoring for abnormal heat generation in jumper compression sockets and sleeves
  2. -Temperature monitoring of terminals for feeder lines, negative feeder lines, overhead lines, support lines, feed branch connectors, jumper connectors, branch connectors, feed ears, connectors, and feeder switches.

LI for bearing of rolling stock axle

LI for power line of railway

3E for temeprature monitoring

Combination label for power equipment
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