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Temperature indicating materials used for temperature monitoring in manufacturing facilities

Over the decades, our temperature indicating materials have been used for the temperature monitoring in the productuion site in the factory. Here are some of the adoption examples. 


  1. Temperature monitoring of metal melting furnaces
  2. Determining completion of refning during electrorefining of copper
  3. Temperature monitoring for heat treatment
  4. Temperature monitoring of bucket conveyors  


  1. Temperature monitoring during paint baking
  2. Confirmation of brake shoe adhesive hardening conditions
  3. Temperature monitoring of molds and dies
  4. Confirmation of engine internal temperature
  5. Confirmation of preheating temperature during welding

Electrical/Electronic/Communication Equipment

  1. Temperature monitoring during light bulb manufacturing
  2. Checking light bulb life
  3. Checking temperature increases inside electrical machinery
  4. Checking temperature increases of printed circuit boards
  5. Checking temperature in heat treatment for copier
  6. Determination of heating factuality in response to complaints
  7. Temperature monitoring for heat treatment of heat-shrinkable tubes for communication cables

Food and Textiles

  1. Level gauges for brewing tanks
  2. Checking temperature in heat processing during manufacturing
  3. Checking temperature in heat processing of udon noodle heating
  4. Confirrmation of temperature during breadmaking
  5. Checking temperature rise during transportation
  6. Temperature monitoring during printing


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