Temperature label-LI

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Temperature label-LI

Color transition simulation

Large, visible and durable single-point indicator best for interpretation from a distance

Number of element:One
Temperature range:40~250℃
Content: 40pcs/pkg
RoHS compliant

Reversible Irreversible Semi-reversible


The φ8-11mm(φ11mm for Ll-40~105 and φ8mm for Ll-110~250)size indicator has the great visibility from a distance. This highly durable type is widely used for a wide area of applications for temperature monitoring indoors or outdoors. In power company, this type is used for transmit equiment to prevent accident and to optimize security control by controlling temperature. Above all, this type is the best choice for the outdoor temperature monitoring from a distance because of its bigger element size and outstanding durablity.

Product feature

  • 1point temperature indication
  • Irreversible, single-use
  • Temperature range: 40°C to 250°C
  • Color changing element is completely sealed in heat-resistant film to avoid environmental affect such as water, chemical, oil etc…
  • Self-adhesive and easy to apply on various location. (The back side is coated with heat resistant adhesive material)


Dimension of reactint element isφ11mm for Ll-40~105 and φ8mm for Ll-110~250
PN Color chamge temp.(℃) Before After Accuracy JANCode
Ll-40 40 White Blue ±2℃ 4582130420010
Ll-45 45 White Black ±2℃ 4582130420027
Ll-50 50 White Red ±2℃ 4582130420034
Ll-55 55 White Dark Blue ±2℃ 4582130420041
Ll-60 60 White Green ±2℃ 4582130420058
Ll-65 65 White Black ±2℃ 4582130420065
Ll-70 70 White Reddish orange ±2℃ 4582130420072
Ll-75 75 White Dark Red ±2℃ 4582130420089
Ll-80 80 White Blue ±2℃ 4582130420096
Ll-85 85 White Dark Blue ±2℃ 4582130420102
Ll-90 90 White Red ±2℃ 4582130420119
Ll-95 95 White Black ±2℃ 4582130420126
Ll-100 100 White Dark Red ±2℃ 4582130420133
Ll-105 105 White Green ±2℃ 4582130420140
Ll-110 110 White Dark Blue ±2℃ 4582130420157
Ll-115 115 White Reddish Orange ±2℃ 4582130420164
Ll-120 100 White Blue ±2℃ 4582130420171
Ll-125 125 White Black ±2℃ 4582130420188
Ll-130 130 White Black ±2℃ 4582130420195
Ll-140 140 White Black ±2℃ 4582130420201
Ll-150 150 White Black ±2℃ 4582130420218
Ll-160 160 White Black ±2℃ 4582130420225
Ll-170 170 Yellow gray Black ±2℃ 4582130420232
Ll-180 180 Pale yellow Black ±3℃ 4582130420249
Ll-190 190 Pale yellow Black ±3℃ 4582130420256
Ll-200 200 Pale yellow Black ±3℃ 4582130420263
Ll-210 210 Pale yellow Black ±3℃ 4582130420270
Ll-220 220 Pale yellow Black ±3℃ 4582130420287
Ll-230 230 Pale yellow Black ±3℃ 4582130420294
Ll-240 240 Pale yellow Black ±3℃ 4582130420300
Ll-250 250 Pale yellow Black ±3℃ 4582130420317
40 pc/ package


Store unused indicators under room temperature and dark condition Avoid high temperature and excessive humidity.



Color change

  • The color change temperature and its accuracy were determined in room temperature with 2-3℃/min of heating rate. Under special condition, color change temperature might be changed.
  • The performance of irreversible temperature labels which change color at 130℃ or higher may be changed if it is exposed to temperatures in the -10℃ from the specified temperature.

Applying label

  • Remove water, oil, rust and dust from the surface before applying labels. Contamination and uneven surfaces can cause labels to drop and abnormal color change.
  • Remove release film and apply where temperature monitoring is required and press the surface of label gently with finger or cloth. Strong rubbing might damage the label and affect performance (abnormal color change).
  • Apply labels on flat surface. Labels are not designed to apply on curved and corner surface.
  • Do not change shape of products. Cutting products with a cutter knife or re-shaping can reduce the durability and cause abnormal color change.


  • Do not use electromagnetic induction heating, for example, microwave oven, under high pressure condition and high vacuum condition.
  • Do not use temperature label LI under plasticizer* affected condition. When temperature label LI absorbs the plasticizer*, indicator may change color and/or may impact adhesion of temperature label LI. *Plasticizer may be contained in insulating coating of electrical cable, terminal cap and vinyl chloride resin.

Information on the toxic substance in the raw material

Temperature label LI contains no toxic substance according GHS classification except from LI-110, LI-120, LI-180, LI-190, LI-200, LI-210, LI-220, LI-230, LI-240 and LI-250. Please refer to SDS of appropriate products for detail.


Directive of RoHS

Temperature label LI doesn’t contain chemical substance prohibited in the RoHS directive.


Hazards identification

Immediate health, physical, and environmental hazards: The environmental properties of this product present a low environmental hazard. This product, when used under reasonable conditions and in accordance with the directions for use, should not present a health hazard. However, use or processing of the product in a manner not in accordance with the product's directions for use may affect the performance of the product and may present potential health and safety hazards.



The information in this sheet is believed to be correct as of the date of issue Nor the selling, nor the producing company make no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or course of performance or usage of trade. The user is responsible for determining whether this product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user's method of use or application. Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and application of this product, some of which are uniquely within the user's knowledge and control, it is essential that the user evaluate this product to determine whether it is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for user's method of use or application.

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