Environmental policy

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Fundamental principle

NiGK Corporation delivers the ingenious technology and service in the wide area of fields from ocean to outer space.
Through the business, we will continuously improve the society by conserving the environment by preventing the contamination for the contribution to the well-being of the people and the society.

Guidelines for action

We will commit to the following guidelines,

1.Driving the self-management and prevention of environmental contamination

We make the best use of the management system to drive the self-management for the conservation of the environment and prevention of contamination.


Through the company activities, we always observe the environmental related laws and regulations or other agreed requirement for the observance of compliance.

3.Framework of objectives, targets and projects

We will set the objectives, targets and projects in the following frameworks by each company and department for the continuous improvements of the business.

  • Prevention activities abnormalities
  • Effective use of resources and energy
  • Reduction of environmental load
    (Emission of greenhouse gas, hazardous substance, waste, effluent, odor, noise, and vibration)
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Environmental education

4.Publication of our policy

We document the policy to make the policy public for all the employees and stakeholders. We drive the activity by asking any relevant people for the understanding and cooperation.


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