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Companies are required to be useful to society and at the same time to be the economic entity pursuing profits through fair competition. In other words, regardless of the locations, the company, as a public institution, must above all observe all the rules, laws and fundamental philosophy lying in the background of society.

On July 2004, NiGK Corporation has set the Ethical code as the fundamental rules which all the employees or employers should observe in the light of professional ethics and the obedience to the rule of law. We have also set the ethical standards to be abided in the daily operations.

The ethical standard required by the society for the business entities is getting stricter and stricter. Because of that on March 2008, we have revised the former standard to make the “NiGK ethical code” so that all the company members keep making efforts and practicing by acting as a better corporate citizen for the development of the company while getting the trust from the society. NiGK Corporation set the ethical committee for the following purposes

-Driving the companywide observance of ethical laws and regulations
-Developing the business while having high ethical sense to prove worthy of the trust by society
-Deliberating and planning of the basic policies related to the practice of NiGK ethical code and reporting it to the president
-Making the code well known in the company



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