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NiGK Instrument fixing sheetNiGK Instrument fixing sheet

New fixing sheets launched for overseas market!

The sheets used in CSSD department can prevent the breaking of pouches caused by sharp tip of medical instruments and can protect important devices in pouches.

Example of recommended use

Instrument fixing sheet, example of recommended use

The following is the main features of these sheets.

Product feature

  1. To prevent the breaking of sterilization bags.
    Instruments with sharp tips or heavy weight can break sterilization bag unintentionally.
    Can you ensure the safety of your instruments?
  2. JCI(Joint Commission International) recommends to keep open position for hinged instruments.
    To properly sterilize critical hinged instruments, they must be processed in their open position.
  3. To protect sensitive instruments.
    Can the tip of sensitive and important instruments like endoscopy operation tools protected inside sterilization bag?



Product name Dimensions (mm) Content
MP-01A 78×165 500 pcs
MP-02A 48×135 500 pcs
MP-03A 30×127 500 pcs

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