Sterilization tape with indicator

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Product design

Package design

Sterilization tape

NiGK sterilization tape series has roughly two types, hybrid tape for AC and EO (AE-18/24) and conventional type for AC (AC-19/25). The hybrid type changes its color from orange to blackish brown (at AC cycle) or green (at EO cycle). The AC type changes color from white to blackish brown (brown stripes appear).

Product feature

  • The hybrid type saves you a lot of work
  • High quality adhesive with good stability and adhesiveness


Product name Dimensions Content
AE-18 18mm×50m 12rolls/box
AE-24 24mm×50m 9rolls/box
AC-19 19mm×55m 12rolls/box
AC-25 25mm×55m 9rolls/box
*AE18/24 Exclusive for 20 % EO

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