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NiGK Sterilization evaluation center

All the indicators manufactured by NiGK are highly accurate products which have gone through elaborate R&D process and passed thorough quality tests in the “Sterilization evaluation center” in the premises of Kawagoe headquarters. By taking advantage of our experience and business results as one of the chemical manufacturers, and techniques we got through our temperature indicator development process, we have been continuing to produce chemical indicators which can precisely monitor sterilization parameters to assure sterilization cycle.

滅菌評価センターSterilization evaluation center
(in Kawagoe HDQs)

Test equipment

Test equimpent for quality assurance  

Along with the CIER, we have variety of experimental instruments in the laboratory for quality control. We conduct not only color changing experiment under actual cycle, but strength test, endurance test, and stability test using the specially made apparatus. Only the products which passed the strict tests can go into the market .


Large steam sterilizer with inner monitoring camera system.

T-peel tester

For cheking sealability of sterilization pouch and reel


Testing durability of the products


The first CIER in Japan

The CIER is a test equipment exclusively used for evaluating chemical indicators based on the international standard. The specification of CIER is defined in international standard ISO18472. In our company, this CIER, which is capable of accurate evaluation of chemical indicators was introduced for the first time in Japan in the year of 2000. The CIER measures the accuracy of various parameter settings, while achieving the required sterilization temperatures and pressures quickly. The CIER is used in all aspects of the Sterilization Business Department, from product R&D and inspection to guaranteeing the highest level of quality control for our products. It is our commitment to manufacture the most reliable chemical indicator products.

Wanna visit our laboratory?

Our laboratory opens from 9:00 to 17:00. Please contact to the following if you would like to make a reservation for laboratory tour. Please note that our laboratoy is open only for customers and distributors and we may have to decline the application because of the company policy. 

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21-2 Matoba-shinmachi, Kawagoe, Saitama, 350-1107 Japan
In the vicinity of NiGK HQ


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