Sterilization indicator card (ethylene oxide)

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Product design

Package design

Indicator card for EO process

NiGK sterilization monitoring card for EO is the chemical indicator specially made for EO sterilization cycle. The brown letters “Sterilized” (as the reference color shown on the card) appear in a step-by-step manner during EO sterilization cycle (EO-1, EO-2). Stripe type EC-008 changes from orange to green after completion of cycle.

Product feature

  • The degree of color change depends on critical parameters of EO sterilization (temperature, time, relative humidity, and EO density).
  • Indicator surface is laminated to prevent contamination on instruments (EO-1, EO-2)
  • Lot numbers are printed on each piece (EO-1, EO-2)
  • Reference color for easier interpretation of results (EO-1, EO-2)


Product name Dimensions(mm) Content
EO-1 20×150 250 pcs
EO-2 17×110 500 pcs
EC-008 16 × 115 500 pcs
*Exclusively for process with 20 % EO

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