How do you choose the right label?

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Tips for choosing the best label

As we have a wide variety of temperature labels, we often get the inquiries from the customer about how to choose the best label for their purposes.
The following are the tips for you to select the best suited label for your objectives.

1. Temperature range
The temperature to be monitored is the most important factor to pick up the best one.
First of all, the target temperature must be included to check the history of temperature transitions across the threshold temperature. If you have just one target tempeature, the most visible and durable type, LI might be the best. If you're going to use it indoors, a very small type, 1K is also an option.

2. Outdoor/Indoor use
If we sort the products in the product portfolio matrix, the products are devided into roughly four sections by two factors, the location of use (indoors/outdoors) and Reusability. (see 3)
If the labels can be exposed to the sunlight, water, oil, snow, sand, ballasts and other outdoor conditions, you must choose the durable types (LI, 3E, 4E, 5E, 8E and F).

3. Reversible/Irreversible
The other factor to sort the matix is the reusability. Most of our products in our catalog are irreversible, but we have some reversible (reusable) types like THERMOTAPE™, THERMOSHEET™, THERMOWAPPEN™ and Combinatoin label. They are mainly used for the indoor use like for cheking the cable temperature and pipiline temperature but Combination label is also applicable to outdoor use such as the safety control of outdoor electrical devices, lines, panels and other components in the power plants.

4. Number of elements
If the working temperature should be above the designated temperature, you have an option to add the temperature in the combination. The multiple type like 3E, 4E5E and 8E are widely used to monitor the temperature range from the lowest limit to the maximum limit temperature. 3K3R and 5S are also fine if they are used only indoors.
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