Temperature label for vacuum

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Package design

How color changes

Specially designed label for vaccum condition from 1Pa to the atmospheric pressure

Temperature range:40~210℃
Strictly under the control of ISO9001:2008 QC system.
RoHS Compliant

Vacuum Thermo Label is label type temperature indicator able to use under vacuum environment (1Pa~ordinary pressure). Temperature monitoring can be done without wiring and electric powers supply just by applying this label on where it is necessary. Color-changing area changes its color from light yellow to black when response temperature is exceeded.

Reversible Irreversible Semi-reversible


  • 4 level temperature indicator for vacuum temperature
  • Irreversible, single-use
  • Temp range: 40C to 210C
  • Self-adhesive
  • Minimize precision error under vacuum condition
  • Low outgassing
  • Self-adhesive easy to apply on various location
  • Vacuum temperature monitoring
  • Irreversible & single use


Product name Temperature
Before After Accuracy JAN Code
VL-40 40-45-50-55 Pale yellow Black ±2℃ 4582130423202
VL-60 60-65-70-75 Pale yellow Black ±2℃ 4582130423219
VL-80 80-85-90-95 Pale yellow Black ±2℃ 4582130423226
VL-100 100-105-110-115 Pale yellow Black ±2℃ 4582130423233
VL-120 120-125-130-135 Pale yellow Black ±2℃ 4582130423240
VL-140 140-150-160-170 Pale yellow Black ±4℃ 4582130423257
VL-180 180-190-200-210 Pale yellow Black ±4℃ 4582130423264

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Our facility

The color changing temperature of the Vacuum Thermo Label is calibrated under pressure down to 1Pa with the dedicated measurement instrument.


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