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Color example
A green THERMOCRAYON™-M (M-70) is melting at the only left part of a metal panel, because the part is hotter than corresponding temperature (around 70 C-degree).

Draw on objects to check for overheating. Potable crayon type indicator.

Temperature range:40~1070℃
RoHS Compliant

Reversible Irreversible Semi-reversible
 No color change 

You can draw line on the objects with the crayon if the objects reach specific temperature.
*Note that this should not be applied on the objects beforehand like Thermo-Paint™.
*You can't draw the line if the temperature of the object has not reached to the set temperature


  • Meltable compound has been molded into a stick to create an easy-to-carry pen-shaped indicator.
  • Use THERMOCRAYON™-M to check the temperature of already heated objects. Determine whether the temperature is above or below the indication temperature by applying the
    THERMOCRAYON™-M to the heated object and seeing if it melts or not.
  • The crayons are colored for easy identification of the temperature specification.
  • Insert THERMOCRAYON™-M into the holder for use. The holder also has a clip for fastening.



  • Measuring the temperature of forging workpieces or molds/dies
  • Monitoring temperature for quenching, annealing and tempering heat treatment
  • Monitoring temperature during silver brazing, soldering and other general welding
  • Monitoring interpass temperature during steel frame welding
  • Monitoring the temperature of outer walls of reactors, electric furnaces and smelting furnaces
  • Inspection of heat generation in plant piping
  • Inspection of surface heat generation by motor, combustion engines or other electric machinery
  • Monitoring temperature around chimneys or ovens
  • Monitoring temperature during molding using metal, plastic, rubber or glass


Cautions for use

  • Keep away from moisture. Store in the designated plastic bag.
  • Colors of THERMOCRAYON™ -M are for identification purposes only and do not correspond to the melting temperature.
  • As a guideline, this product should be used within 1 year of purchase.




Type Color Indication
temperature (°C)
JAN Code
M-40 Red 40 4582130422144 
M-50 White 50 4582130422151 
M-60 Blue 60  4582130422168
M-70 Green 70  4582130422175
M-80 Red 80  4582130422182
M-90* Yellow 90  4582130422199
M-100 Green 100  4582130422205
M-110* Reddish orange 110  4582130422212
M-130 Greenish yellow 130  4582130422236
M-140* Blue 140  4582130422243
M-150 Light red 150 4582130422250 
M-160 White 160 4582130422267 
M-170* Light yellowish white 170  4582130422274
M-180 Light green 180  4582130422281
M-190* Blue 190  4582130422298
M-200 Light red 200  4582130422304
M-215* Blue-green 215   4582130422311
M-230* Black 230   4582130422328
M-240 Yellow 240   4582130422335
M-255 Green 255   4582130422342
M-265* Indigo 265   4582130422359
M-280* Red 280  4582130422366 
M-290* Light orange 290   4582130422373
M-300 Purple  300 4582130422380 
M-320* Brown 320   4582130422397
M-330 Yellow-green 330   4582130422403
M-350 Red 350   4582130423066
M-430* Green 430  4582130423441
M-460* Red 460   4582130422458
M-490 White 490  4582130422465 
M-520 Pale yellow-green 520  4582130422472
M-545* Pale brown 545   4582130422489
M-570* Bright gray 570   4582130422496
M-590 Blue-purple 590   4582130422502
M-615 Dark green 615   4582130422519
M-645 Red-purple 645   4582130422526
M-670* Greenish blue 670   4582130422533
M-700 Orange 700   4582130422540
M-765* Yellow 765   4582130422564
M-795* Red 795   4582130422571
M-825 Purple 825  4582130422588 
M-855 Green 855   4582130422595
M-885 Blue 885  4582130422601 
M-915 Reddish yellow 915  4582130422618
M-945* Gray 945   4582130422625
M-1070* White 1070   4582130422649
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